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We are proud to be able to support archers across the world and we have been offering a contingency program in all professional divisions for the past 4 years for 1st place of $250. This includes, Men’s Pro, Women’s Pro, Senior Pro and K50 (ASA). This year we are proud to announce that we are expanding our contingency program to include FITA, Pro Series and USA Archery events.

To be eligible you have to be shooting a Hamskea rest for the entire event and witnessed by a Hamskea representative or other trusted witness.

For 2016 the eligible contingency eligible events are:

ASA: All sanctioned national events (Foley, Paris, Augusta, London, Belknap, Ft. Benning)
IBO: National Triple Crown Events (Pipestem, Bloomington, Clarendon) and World Championship (Seven Springs)
NFAA: Vegas, Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, Marked 3D Championship, National Outdoor Field, National Outdoor Target
World Archery (FITA): World Championships, World Cups
Pro Archery Series: Ft. van Lier, Mullenborn, Lusembourg, Welsh Masters
USA Archery: Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, Arizona Cup, Gator Cup, SoCal Shootdown, Buckeye Classic

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