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Hamskea’s Shooting Pro-Staff

Tim Gillingham, Hamskea Archery

Tim Gillingham

Tim Gillingham is arguably one of the most recognized archers in all of archery. Being a multi world champion…it’s hard to argue his credentials when it comes to 3D, FITA and spots in general. Tim is one of the exclusive few with wins in 3D and spots with more podium finishes than most others combined. Not only is he one of the most innovative and progressive archery thinkers, he is without doubt the most accessible which makes him unique among his peers. If that wasn’t enough, he is a world class bowhunter as well with many P&Y animals to his credit. Tim was instrumental in the development of the VersaRest and it is the only rest he trusts.

Dave Cousins, Hamskea Archery

Dave Cousins

One of the biggest names in archer has to be Dave Cousins. He is one of the fiercest competitors in the entire game and now he has joined the Hamskea team. It speaks volumes when a world class archer with so many world titles and wins across the world joins your team. Please welcome Dave when you see him.

Jame Jamison, Hamskea Archery

Jame Jamison

Jame won his way out of the SemiPro division and in 2009 and has been competing as a pro ever since. To his credit he has multiple Open Pro wins with the ASA Classic being one of the most notables. Jame switched to the VersaRest in 2012 and put it on the podium in Paris, TX. When Jame isn’t competing you can find him bowhunting and being with his family.

David Houser, Hamskea Archery

David Houser

The future of archery lies squarely in the hands of our youth and we’re proud to have the likes of David Houser on our team. In his young amateur career he has numerous ASA titles along with a few indoor titles and a world record to boot! Now he finds himself mixing it up with the top pros and WINNING! In 2015, in the beginning of his profession career, David won the NFAA Outdoor Nationals with the VersaRest. One this is for sure, David will compete no matter. After all, when you’re a world record holder that all you know.

Gary Studt

Gary Studt

Archery has been a part of Gary ever since he was a kid. Winning his way out of the IBO’s MBO and SemiPro class, Gary quicly found himself competing at the Open Pro level. An engineer by profession, he quickly recognized the advantages of the VersaRest and had to try one. With a switch to the VersaRest in 2012, he had his best year as a Pro with multiple podium finishes.

Justin Bethel, Hamskea Archery

Justin Bethel

With his smooth Texas accent and a shooting style to match, Justin won his way out of the ASA SemiPro division in 2011 and took home Rookie of the Year. Since then he has many appearances in the ASA Pro shootdown rounds with the VersaRest. Like most archers, Justin loves to bowhunt in his native state of Texas.

Jeremy Terhune, Hamskea Archery

Jeremy Terhune

This soft spoken pro is well known among his peers as he has topped the podium several time with his most recent at the 2014 Yankton Outdoor Target Championship. Jeremy also gets out and hunts when he gets a chance in his home state of Wyoming. We’re glad to have him on board.

Carl Adkins, Hamskea Archery

Carl Adkins

As Carl about anything “archery” and he’s got the experience. You can find him at all the ASA’s shooting in the Senior Pro class and more time than not, standing on the podium. Carl uses the Hybrid Series of rest whether it’s in the ASA shootdown round or in the field chasing huge whitetails.

Peter Grip

Peter Grip

Peter might not be a household name in America, but mention his name among in the international community and everyone knows of Peter’s shooting skills and competitiveness. With wins both in 3D and in FITA, the VersaRest and Peter are topping the podium “across the pond” in the men’s pro division.

Dick Smith

Dick Smith

Dick Smith is a low key kind of guy…but you can’t ignore his resume to include being an Indoor National Champion in the Senior Pro division with many podium finishes over the years. Dick’s love for archery is obvious as he is always willing to help other archers and share his experiences and techniques. Dick is a pleasure to be around and a world class character. Dick switched to the VersaRest in 2013 and is looking top the podium in the future.

Richard Leftwich, Hamskea Archery

Richard Leftwich

Richard’s love for archery and bowhunting is unparalleled. Living in Virginia, he shoots year round and hunts whenever he can. You can find Richard mainly at the ASA shoots competing in the Open Pro division where he has several top 10 finishes.

Walter Rush

Walter Rush

Walter lives in Georgia and competes as a pro on the ASA tour. He has several top 10 finishes and loves to bowhunt when he can. In 2012 he switched to the VersaRest and continues to have great successes.

Sam Wolthius, Hamskea Archery

Sam Wolthius

Is it possible to shoot 46 up on a national ASA pro course and 450-43x Vegas round? Well if you’re Sam the answer is yes. Sam is well known in the K50 class as he competes at the highest levels against some world class archers. Sam is involved in the National Archery in the Schools Program working as a Basic Instructor Trainer and serves as an archery coach for the Liberty Faith Christian Academy. Sam’s skills are just not limited to 3Ds, you can also find Sam competing in all the national indoor events too. Sam is making his Open Pro debut this year in 2013.

Luke Parker

Luke Parker

Luke won his way out of the ASA semi pro division and has never looked back. His love for 3D archery cannot be challenged as he has not missed and ASA event in the last 4 years! In 2015 he made the podium in K50 with the VersaRest. Luke is also an avid bowhunter and the standards he places on his tournament results he translates to the field. You can find Luke…well at all the ASAs.

Connie Calloway

Connie Calloway

When it’s all said and done, Connie will be one of the all time greats. She has sent more competitive arrows down range than most of her peers combined! So when she wanted to join our team we where honored. When she switched to the VersaRest she recorded two ASA wins in a the Women’s Open Pro division where most of her competition is half her age.

Mason Smith

Mason Smith

Mason shot his first tournament at the age of 12 where he fell in love with the sport of archery. Shortly after, he began shooting national tournaments where he set three ASA records. You can now find Mason shooting in the Open Pro division where he and working at Archery Connections in Phenix City, AL.

Dillon Sether, Hamskea Archery

Dillon Sether

Pursuant to his goals and dreams, Dillon attended all the NFAA events in 2012 and shot his way to the the AMFS title of Shooter of the Year. Shooting a 600-59x at Indoor Nationals and posting a 1500+ score at Redding, helped secure the title early on in the campaign. Since turning pro, he has made the NFAA Indoor National shoot down with a perfect 600-120x. Not that is some great shooting. When not on the National trail, you can find him at No Limits Archery and attending the Rocky Mountain Archery Association events. If you’ve met Dillon you might describe him as the gentle giant. Although an accurate assessment, we refer to him as “Dilla the X Killa”.

Kurt Geist, Hamskea Archery

Kurt Geist

Just open the Colorado record book and you’ll find Kurt’s name a lot more than just once. Kurt’s love for competitive archery is hard to deny as he is the current president of the Rocky Mountain Archery Association (RMAA) and does everything he can to ensure a enjoyable and fair competitive events. Did we mention he can shoot? Kurt is also a past Vegas champion in the Bowhunter Championship division.

Sarah Prieels | Hamskea Pro Staff

Sarah Prieels

Sarah competes all over the world from her home base in Belgium. Competing in the Women’s Pro division she has accomplished much already with the likes of winning Vegas and the European Indoor Nationals. She continues to work on her game and is always looking to improve on her performances. She switched to the VersaRest as it made tuning easier and provided her a marked improvement in accuracy. You can usually find Sarah somewhere in the world doing what she loves.

Hamskea’s Hunting Pro-Staff

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Outback Outdoors

Outback Outdoors

The guys that make up Outback Outdoors are some of the most generous folks in all of archery. Trevon Stolfutz, David Beronio, Adam Wells and Jim Brennan (not pictured) make up the core team and they are just like the rest of us; avid bowhunters. They have all followed their passion which has led them to their own show on the Sportsman’s Channel. When they aren’t hunting, they are thinking about it that’s for sure. You can also find them on the web at and on Facebook.

Chase Fulcher, Hamskea Archery

Chase Fulcher

Chase Fulcher is now officially the most recent member of the Super Slam club as he finished his pursuit in November of 2015 with the VersaRest. Covering some of the harshest bowhunting environment known to man, Chase never waivered in his quest and we’re proud to be a small part of such a great accomplishment. In 2012 with 6 species left, he switched to the VersaRest after seeing it at the ATA show. If you’ve ever met Chase, you know he is tough to forget. Chase is excited about life and he is one of the most positive and upbeat people you’ll ever meet. We’re proud to call him our friend.

Yahsti Perkins-Killer, Hamskea Archery

Yahsti Perkins-Killer

When you think hard core DIY bowhunting you have to put Yahsti at the top of the list. When he is not pursuing the Super Slam, you can find him contributing to bowhunting as a staff writer for Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal. Yahsti is serious about all aspects of bowhunting and it a fountain of information. So if you see him don’t hesitate to ask him about his equipment, especially the VersaRest and Hybrid Hunter Pro.