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It’s hard to believe but we’ve been at it for a decade! Hamskea was formed based on a commitment to maximize accuracy and we have worked hard for the past 10 years to stay true to that mission statement. With that, we are excited to introduce some of our most innovative products yet! The new Trinity Series Arrow Rests, which will be available in January, simply outperform all others combined! Some of our other new items are the new revolutionary G-FLEX Arrow Rest Launcher, the Short Draw Insight Peep for those with a shorter draw length, and our new Easy Glide Cord Tensioner. We are also excited to introduce new colors for our Hybrid Series Arrow Rests and the Trinity Arrow Rests. The last bit of exciting news is that we have partnered with Feather Vision to bring you the most advanced clarifying lenses on the market. Please view or download our new 2019 catalog for more details!