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Andrew “SKeeter” Munsell

Andrew’s passion for archery and bowhunting started at an early age and continues to this day. Being an accomplished bowhunter, he has taken 9 of the 10 big game species in Colorado, as recognized by the Colorado Bowhunter’s Association (CBA) -an accomplishment he is very proud of. Over the years of pursuing a diverse set of animals and competing in archery tournaments, the desire to become as proficient as possible is always in the forefront of his thinking. This is where “Maximizing Accuracy” got its start. Andrew’s background in aerospace engineering gives him a deeper understanding of the mechanics of archery and allows him to design truly innovative products. This combination of engineering and archery passion brings a tireless mindset that helps Hamskea create the kinds of products that help all archers maximize their accuracy.

Andrew enjoys being a part of the archery community in his spare time and is always willing to share his knowledge whether it is helping someone tune their bow or talking hunting tactics. In addition, Andrew also enjoys writing about his archery experiences and has had several articles published in regional and national periodicals. Andrew is excited to see what the next decade will bring to the Hamskea line of products!