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Shawn “EAsy” Greathouse

Shawn has been actively involved in the sport of archery for over 25 years. He started as a bowhunter and fell in love with the sport. Shawn has received the “Colorado Big Eight Award” from the Colorado Bowhunter Association (CBA) and has harvested several record book animals that qualified for the Pope & Young Club. Shawn also enjoys tournament archery and competes on the Archery Shooters Association Pro-AM Tour. The unique challenges of bowhunting big game across the globe and the competitive drive for tournament archery is what fuels his passion and his desire to “Maximize Accuracy”! Shawn’s experience in the field gives him the vision to create products that will help all archers maximize their accuracy.

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys videography and creating films of his hunting adventures, some of which have been shown on the Full Draw Film Tour and can be found on our website. He enjoys hunting with his daughters and traveling to the ASA tournaments with his kids. One of the things Shawn loves most about archery is that it is a lifelong sport for anyone, no matter your age or physical limitations.