Andrew picked up his first bow and arrow at the age of eight and hasn’t put it down since. Growing up in Illinois introduced Andrew to big game hunting through the pursuit of whitetail deer. After college, he moved out west (California, Arizona, Colorado) which presented its own set of bowhunting challenges.

Longer range shots, steeper terrain and a greater diversity of animals fueled his desire to become as proficient as possible. Bowhunting is the fundamental core of Andrew’s archery passion, but Andrew also follows and participates in as many types of archery as possible. Through his experiences he has acquired a vast amount of archery and bowhunting knowledge. This coupled with his background in aerospace engineering enables him to separate the products that work from the ones that don’t.

In his spare time, he likes to help his fellow archers and often has them over to the house for shooting lessons along with tuning and string making sessions. Andrew also writes about his archery experiences as published in several regional and national periodicals.