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Break-Thru Operating Instructions

Cocking: Prior to shooting your Break-Thru release it needs to be cocked. Hold the safety open with your thumb. Press the Lever with your index finger until the Hook snaps in place. (See diagram on package card.) Make sure you hear the hammer snap in place.

Setting the tension: Check your bow’s holding weight with a bow scale. Tie a loop to the scale that was used for the release to hook on to. Set the Tension Screw so that the release fires at 2-3 more pounds than the bow’s holding weight on the same scale. You can then fine tune the tension while shooting your bow. Make sure to snug the set screw after each adjustment. (1 turn of the tension screw turn is 3-6 pounds in adjustment.)

Springs: Your release comes with 2 springs. Use the lightest spring for firing weights under 15 pounds, use the medium spring (installed) for 15-30 pounds .

Shooting: Once cocked, your Hamskea Break-Thru release will not fire unless the positive safety is held open. Pull to anchor. Once on your aiming spot, press and hold the safety open. Continue to pull while aiming. Once you reach the tension to which your release is set, it will fire. The Hamskea Break-Thru release must held and pulled parallel to the line of the arrow for the most consistent tension releases. DO NOT ROLL THE RELEASE…just pull.




Letting Down: At full draw, let up on and push the safety all the way into its fully closed position. You can then let down safely. Make sure the safety if fully engaged prior to letting down or the release will fire.

Maintenance: The only maintenance you may need is to keep the safety lubricated at the pivot pin to ensure smooth consistent action. Dealing with flinches and misfires: Set the release to fire several pounds over the holding weight. Continue to adjust the release until it is heavy enough that it will not fire on a “glitch”, jerk or flinch by the archer. You may have to set the firing tension quite high when first starting out. Once the release will not fire on a flinch, work on just pulling to set it off. As it gets harder to make the release fire, start lowering the firing tension a little at a time. Keep it heavy enough so it will not fire on glitches or jerks. In time, you will be able to steadily reduce the tension to a functional firing weight and shoot normally.