We are proud to be able to support archers across the world and we have been offering a contingency program in all professional divisions. This includes, Men’s Pro, Women’s Pro, Senior Pro and Known-Pro (ASA). New for 2018 we are proud to announce that we are increasing our total payout to $300USD for using BOTH our rest (VersaRest or Hybrid Series) AND the InSight Peep. We are still paying $250USD for either rest. The InSight peep by itself is not eligible for contingency.

To be eligible you have to be shooting a Hamskea rest for the entire event and witnessed by a Hamskea representative or other trusted witness.

For 2018 the eligible contingency eligible events are:

ASA: All sanctioned national events (Foley, Paris, Augusta, London, Belknap, Ft. Benning)
IBO: National Triple Crown Events (Pipestem, Bloomington, Clarendon) and World Championship (Seven Springs)
NFAA: Vegas, Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, Marked 3D Championship, National Outdoor Field, National Outdoor Target
World Archery (FITA): World Championships, World Cups
Pro Archery Series: Ft. van Lier, Mullenborn, Lusembourg, Welsh Masters
USA Archery: Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, Arizona Cup, Gator Cup, SoCal Shootdown, Buckeye Classic