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Hamskea Hybrid Pro Series Installation Instructions

Limb Actuated Mode Installation Instructions

  1. Mount Your Rest: Install your Hamskea rest to your bow riser using the 5/16 cap head screw provided. Lightly tighten the riser bolt and align one of the three set screw holes with a solid part of your riser. Insert the provided set screw and tighten as needed.  Once the set screw is tight, finish tightening the riser bolt as needed.
  2. Center Shot: Set the center shot of your rest by loosening the windage lock screw and using the micro adjust knob to precisely adjust your rest based on manufacturer recommendations. Each rest has two sets of windage adjustment holes and 3 sets of elevation adjustment holes for both the lock screw and micro adjust brass peg for a wider range of adjustment.
  3. Install Limb Pad: Mount the limb pad between 2.5”- 4” from the limb tip. Wrap the activation cord around the limb where the limb pad is mounted and secure by tying a double half hitch around the vertical portion of the cord and cinching the cord tight around the limb. Adjust the cord tension until the launcher is fully in the down position and the spring is stretched approximately 1/8”. Install the Cord Clamp approximately 2” from the spring for best results.

Top Limb Configuration (Optional): In order to convert your rest to run off of the top limb, loosen the screw holding the spring onto the lever arm and rotate the lever arm 180º around the carrier rod so that it is again in line with the launcher and follow steps 1-3.


*The backer plate is necessary when using a flexible metal launcher in limb driven or cable actuated mode to ensure launcher longevity.

*It is normal to experience break-in wear with over-molded launchers.

*When making cord tension adjustments, loosen the cord clamp and slide the cord through the clamp until you reach the desired cord tension.  Tighten the cord clamp to lock the cord and tension in place.

Fixed Spring Tension Mode:

(Only use a Hamskea Rest in spring tension mode if it has a prong style launcher and the limb driven torsion spring is installed.)

  1. Follow Steps 1 & 2 in the limb actuation mode installation instructions to mount your rest and set the center shot.
  2. Remove the oval lever arm from the carrier rod to allow only the internal torsion spring to influence the launcher.
  3. Adjust the launcher angle and internal torsion spring to desired setting for your specific arrow.

Conventional Fall Away Mode

(Directions for RH Rest.  Reverse orientation for LH rests.)

  1. Remove oval shaped lever arm and the 2 screws holding the textured spring knob in place.
  2. Carefully remove the spring knob and current torsion spring from the rest. A right handed rest will come standard with a right wound (clockwise wound) spring.
  3. Replace the stock torsion spring with the opposite wound spring (sold separately). Begin by starting one leg of the spring in the hole on the carrier rod. Next, slide the spring knob over the carrier rod and gently align the correct hole in the spring knob with the spring leg.  Once the leg is started into the spring knob, push the spring knob flush with the rest body.  Apply needed tension to torsion spring and install the spring knob screws to hold the spring knob in place.  Apply equal tension to both screws to avoid binding the bearing and ensure smooth actuation of the rest.
  4. Re-install the lever arm perpendicular (90º) from your launcher with the spring above the carrier rod pointing toward the cables.
  5. Follow steps 1 & 2 above for mounting your rest and setting the center shot.
  6. Attach the activation cord to the bow cable and set your tension so that the launcher sits in the full up position at full draw.


Adjusting Internal Spring Tension

(Directions for RH Rest.  Reverse orientation for LH rests.)

In order to adjust the internal spring tension, first remove the lever arm to reveal the spring knob.  Loosen the two screws and rotate the spring knob to change the spring tension as desired.  When reinstalling the spring knob screws, alternate between the screws when tightening to ensure equal tension and to prevent binding of the bearing. For right handed rests, rotating the spring knob clockwise will decrease spring tension while counter-clockwise will increase tension.

 Adjusting Launcher Angles

Hamskea arrow rests allow archers to adjust both their up and down launcher positions via the two screws located on the bottom of the rest body.  The screw closest to the Hamskea logo adjusts the up position of the launcher at full draw, while the screw closest to the riser will adjust the launcher down position.  Adjust the launcher stop positions by adding/removing spacer washers underneath these screws and fully tightening them back down.  Adding a spacer washer to the up position screw will make the launcher sit taller or at a steeper angle.  Installing a washer on the down position screw will make the launcher stop past a level position.  Apply a small amount of Blue Loctite to the threads to prevent them from vibrating out over time.