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Hamskea Pro Corner – Joseph Goza

HAMSKEA: When was the first time you can remember shooting your first bow and how long have you been shooting since then?
JOSEPH: The first time I shot a bow was on my ninth birthday. I have shot a bow ever since the day I got my first bow and that was 28 years ago.

HAMSKEA: When did you know you wanted to become a professional archer?
JOSEPH: I always loved to shoot more than anything else. When I saw Pros getting big money for winning, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I was about 12 then and I turned Pro at age 17.

HAMSKEA: What is your favorite discipline of target archery (3D, spots, field) and why?
JOSEPH: I love 3D archery because it tests all aspects of the game. I have to judge the yardage of the target, pick a spot to aim at, and make a good shot. There is also the decision making side of 3D – deciding on how aggressive to be during a tournament.

HAMSKEA: How do you prepare for a tournament and what’s your main focus during this preparation?
JOSEPH: I judge and shoot 20 targets most every day. I also spend extra time (30 mins to an hour a day) judging targets. My main focus is to try and improve in any of my areas of weakness.

HAMSKEA: As a professional you have experienced and learned many things, what is the one piece of advise would you give to an aspiring archer?
JOSEPH: One thing I would tell someone wanting to shoot archery is to never give up. All things are possible. Just be patient, practice a lot, and try to learn what you can from seasoned archers.

HAMSKEA: You have won more professional tournaments than most people will ever attend. What is your most memorable win and why?
JOSEPH: I have two very memorable wins. The first that comes to mind was winning the Buckmasters World Championship. I had been watching it since I was 11 and I really wanted to win that tournament. I’ve won it five times now, but the first was the most memorable. The second would be an ASA Tournament in Texas. It was my first win as an Open Pro.

HAMSKEA: When you’re not shooting what do you like to do in your spare time (i.e fishing, bowhunting, raising kids, etc.)?
JOSEPH: I like to spend time with my wife and three kids. I coach or help coach the boys’ ball teams and we also like to fish and hunt.

HAMSKEA: What can we expect from Joseph Goza in the future?
JOSEPH: I hope big things! My goal is to keep shooting at a high level and win many tournaments. Another goal is to win ASA Shooter of the Year.