Hamskea’s Shooting Pro-Staff

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Tim Gillingham

“The Hamskea Versa Rest is one of the most important pieces of equipment on my bows. It ensures reliable repeatability in the most versatile platform ever created for an arrow rest.”

Trusted equipment:

Versa Rest, Versa Overdraw, InSight Peep System, Easy Third Axis Level, AroJac.

George Ryals “GRIV”

“The clarity is superb and the lens system is the smartest thing I’ve seen in years. I can truly say the InSight Peep System is a galactic improvement over anything else I’ve used.”

Trusted Equipment:

Hybrid Target Pro Micro-Tune, InSight Peep System, Versa Overdraw, Easy Third Axis Level

Alan Convery

“I have been using the Hamskea rest now for 5 years and it’s 2nd to none it’s by far the best rest I have ever used only way I can describe it BULLETPROOF.”

Sam Wolthuis

“The Hamskea rest allows me to use it in any configuration without sacrificing the accuracy or dependability that I need whether it’s hunting, on the 3D course, or on the line shooting indoors.”

David Houser

“One Arrow Rest, infinite applications. The Hamskea line of arrow rests are by far the most durable on the planet. Whether I’m shooting against the best in the world, or chasing the big game trophies of a lifetime, I depend on and trust my Hamskea arrow rests.”

Trusted equipment:

Hybrid Target Pro, Hybrid Hunter Pro, Easy 3rd Axis Level, Insight Peep System.

Sarah Prieels

“The InSight Peep system is like seeing the target in Full HD. Hamskea has the clearest and highest quality lenses you can find on the market and they pair up with the perfect body. Together they let you see the target perfectly without glare no matter the direction the sun is facing on your peep.”

Trusted equipment:

Hybrid Target Pro Micro-Tune, InSight Peep System

Toja Elison

“I have always loved drop away rests and after I tried Hamskea, I was hooked immediately. I find the Hamskea rests a lot more forgiving than normal ‘blade’ rests. I personally would suggest this rest to absolutely everyone.”

Trusted Equipment:

Hybrid Target Pro Micro-Tune

Heather Gore

“The ability to properly torque tune my equipment has played a key role in my tournament success. I tried the Versa Overdraw for the first time just 2 days before winning my first National Championship. The results speak for themselves!”

Trusted Equipment:

Hybrid Target Pro Micro-Tune, Versa Overdraw

Dave Cousins

“The unmatched tune ability of the Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro rest and Versa Overdraw played a key role in my victories this season. I won’t shoot anything else and neither should you.”

Madison Rutkowski

“I can’t say enough about The Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro. The quality is second to none and the infinite adjustability makes it a breeze to set up on any bow.”

Michael Braden

“Many words can be used to describe the Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro rest, dependable, accurate, durable, precision, etc. The most important word for me is the adjustability! The adjustability of the Hybrid Target Pro rest, enables me to micro-tune my arrow, thus giving me the confidence to compete at the highest level possible.”

Darrin Collins

Levi Morgan

Hope Greenwood

Matt Sullivan

Sebastien Peineau

Brady Elison

Breanna Theodore

Alex Wifler

Andrea Marcos

Sharon Wallace

Stephan Hansen