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How To Tie In Your Peep

Disclaimer:  Hamskea requires all of our peep housings/sights be mechanically secured into the bow string before shooting in order to avoid personal injury to yourself or others.

We recommend this method for tying in a peep as it offers multiple benefits including protecting the bow string and preventing the peep from moving under almost any circumstances.  The preferred material to use when tying in the peep is .014 braided serving material such as BCY Powergrip or Halo Serving.  This method requires two sections of serving material approximately 24” long.  (Two different colors for this tutorial for illustration purposes.)

  1. Start off by wrapping one section of material fully around the peep housing and tucking it between the bow string and the peep housing.  Tucking the serving between the peep and bowstring material will hold the material in place and keep it from moving through this process.  The peep housing ideally should be in the middle of the piece of serving in order to work on each end independently.


  1. Next begin wrapping the serving down one side of the bow string material. Start by wrapping the serving material around the bow string moving away from the center of the peep housing.  Keeping the serving pulled tight and cinched up next to the previous wrap is really important in keeping the peep secure.  The typical number of wraps in this step is 6-7.


  1. Secure the 6-7 wraps by tying off the end with a typical end serving loop-back method. Make a wide loop and wrap the serving inside the loop, making sure to go the same direction as the first set of wraps.  Add an additional 6-7 wraps inside of this loop.


  1. Once the internal wraps complete, tuck the tag end outside of the loop next to the previous wraps. Wrap the loop around the bow string over the tag end in the same direction as the external wraps.  This will undo the wraps inside the loop and hold the end of the serving in place.


  1. Continue to wrap the loop around until all of the internal wraps have been taken out and you are left with just an open loop. Keep tension on the serving to make sure all of the wraps are tight and will not unravel.


  1. Pull the serving tag end to cinch the loop tight against the other serving wraps. Wrapping the serving around an allen wrench can be a good method to safely pull the serving material.  Apply enough tension that the serving is pulled tight but not enough that the serving material snaps.   With this 1st step completed, one of the four legs that will secure your peep sight and protect the bowstring is complete.


  1. To tie the second leg, repeat steps 2-6 with the other end of the serving material. Tie the second leg on the opposite side and in the opposite direction of the first leg.  If the first leg went from the center of the peep in the direction of the D-Loop, the second leg will go from the center of the peep in the direction of the cam.  Once the second leg is tied, trim the excess material leaving about 3/16” of a tag end to be melted later.


  1. Now that both ends of the first piece of serving have been used, use the second piece of serving to continue with the final two legs. Wrap the second piece of serving all the way around the peep housing similar to the first piece of serving in step one.  Again, center the peep housing on the material so that both ends can be used independently.


  1. Follow steps 2-6 to tie the third leg. The wraps will need to start tight against the wraps from the first piece of serving to keep the peep housing as secure as possible over time.  Move in the opposite direction of the wraps from the first piece of serving.  This will put the peep housing in the center of the two sections of wraps and protect the string material that would come in contact with the peep housing.


  1. Follow steps 2-6 for the final leg again moving in the opposite direction as the wraps from the first piece of serving. From the picture you can see how the serving materials make an X pattern and this will be the most secure in holding the peep in place.  Again, trim the excess material leaving about 3/16” that will be melted down to fully secure the wraps.


  1. The final step in this system is melting the small tag ends protruding from the wraps. This step adds dependability to the wraps and prevents the serving from working its way loose over time.  It is always important to ignite the lighter several inches above the bow string material to avoid accidently damaging the bowstring or cables.  Slowly lower the flame down to the tag end of the serving keeping the flame above the material.  After melting all four tag ends, the peep is securely tied into the bow string and ready to shoot.