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Instructions for Installing and Tuning The Hamskea VersaRest

The following instructions are for right handed VersaRests. Reverse all torsion spring conventions in the instructions for a left handed VersaRest.

VERSAREST : Limb Actuation Mode – Installation

Your HAMSKEA VERSAREST comes configured for limb actuation (top or bottom limb.) The position of the launcher is “up” at rest (not attached to the bow). When the limb clamp assembly is attached to the limb and the rest, the limb pulls the launcher down upon release of the bow string; out of the way of the traveling arrow. The rest is configured with one stack washer on the bottom position cap screw and one stack washer on the up position cap screw. The instructions below assume this configuration with additional instructions for changing to a drop away or static configurations.

  1. Install the rest to the bow with the 5/16-24 cap head screw provided. There are four set screws locations for additionally securing the rest to the riser as necessary.
  2. Set the rest/launcher height and center shot according to bow manufacture’s specification. DO NOT SHOOT AN ARROW.
  3. Attach the limb clamp with the anti-slip pads to the top or bottom limb, whichever you prefer. The spring should be facing with the hook inward towards the rest.
  4. Attach the (8 sided) lever arm to the launcher shaft.
    • Bottom limb actuation: with the launcher up, the lever should be positioned in the same direction of the launcher.
    • Top limb actuation: with the launcher up, the lever should be positioned in the opposite direction of the launcher.
  5. Set the preliminary launcher angle and center shot before attaching the pull-away cord to the leverage arm. The launcher angle can be set using the multiple washers provided, on the button head screw on the underside of the rest. The rest angle should be set at as shallow of an angle as possible and still achieve fletching clearance. The screw furthest away from the archer is the stop screw. This screw is designed to stop the rest before contacting the riser or the overdraw plate. Set it so the launcher is approximately 1/8” from the riser at rest. The washers included will allow adjustment of the stop. Set center shot at manufacturers recommended setting or just start with the arrow parallel to the riser.
  6. Setting the spring tension: Remove the lever arm from the 8-sided and set the spring tension by rotating the spring knob. There are 12 different positions for optimal tuning and adjustment. NOTE: FOR LIMB (TOP AND BOTTOM) AND CABLE ACTUATED, ROTATE THE SPRING KNOB COUNTER CLOCKWISE ONLY!!!, COMPRESSING THE SPRING. CLOCKWISE ROTATION WILL RESULT IN A DAMAGED SPRING AND POOR PERFORMANCE!
  7. Important! : Rigid Launcher: When using the rigid launcher use a light spring tension setting. Use the lightest possible setting that still holds the arrow up and shoot at a horizontal line. If you are getting ups and downs in your groups then tighten the spring tension one position at a time until the arrows all impact on the horizontal line.
  8. Spring Steel launcher: When using the spring steel launcher in limb actuation mode, the spring tension needs to be set tight enough to where the blade can be compressed and it does not activate the torsion spring until the rest is depressed at least ¼”. If you experience high and low impacts in your groups then you may need to tighten the spring tension in the rest.
  9. Mount the limb clamp/bracket to the bottom or top limb of the archer’s choice. Attach/wrap the pull-away cord around the 8-32 pan head screw on the lever arm. Pull the tail end of the cord tight against the screw and tighten while holding the launcher in the down position. Pull the cord through the vertical hole in the lever and secure the 4-40 set screw.
  10. Once the bow is tuned you may need to make an adjustment to the pull-away cord. The tighter you make the cord, the sooner the rest will drop. Note: Do not tighten the cord so tight that when you draw the bow there is no flex in the cord. You need some flex in the cord to ensure the rest is coming all the way up and not impeding the spring tension movement of the launcher.
  11. NOTE: The cord can also be attached to the cable of your bow for cable actuated configurations if so desired

VERSAREST: Fall Away Mode

  1. Remove the lever and spring knob, replace the factory installed right hand (counter clock wiser rotation compresses spring) with the left hand spring (clockwise rotation compresses spring) NOTE: FOR FALL AWAY SETUP, ROTATE THE SPRING KNOB CLOCKWISE ONLY!!!, COMPRESSING THE SPRING. COUNTER CLOCKWISE ROTATION WILL RESULT IN A DAMAGED SPRING AND POOR PERFORMANCE
  2. Versa Rest InstructionsAdjust the launcher angle per step 5 above.
  3. Position the lever arm so it is pointing up.
  4. Install the pull cord to the lever arm and then the cable making sure it cannot move.
  5. OPTION: You can also attach the chord to the carrier rod through the slot in back of the rest and remove the lever arm.

VERSAREST: Fixed Position (i.e. Static)

  1. Mount the rest to the bow the same steps 1 through 5 above.
  2. Remove the lever arm and set the spring knob tension heavy to (CCW – assumes right handed torsion spring in installed) where it does not activate when the blade is compressed. You are ready to tune and shoot.


  1. When installing the rear arrow guide; place over horizontal I-beam and adjust left-to-right for you launcher position. Mark the position.
  2. 1” x 2” Felt: “Dry” fit piece around rear arrow guide. Mark and cut. Peel backing off cut piece(s) and apply to applicable sections of the rest. Use the additional rectangular piece applied to areas of the rest for maximum sound proofing.
  3. Arrow “Claw”/full arrow containment; put arrow “claw” around arrow and move the length of the arrow until it is in the desired place above the bow’s riser shelf. Mark location with pencil. Place double sided tape to arrow “claw” and press firmly to previously marked bow shelf location.
  4. A nylon 8-32 x ½” screw is supplied with the rest and can be swapped with the factory installed stainless screw in the launcher down position screw location (see step 5) to assist in noise reduction for hunters. DO NOT INSTALL NYLON SCREW IN LAUNCHER UP POSTION SCREW LOCATION (REAR SCREW POSITION)

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