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Easy Third Axis Level™ and DVD Combo


Patent #7,975,391

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Now you can get both the “EASY THIRD AXIS LEVEL” and the “Sight Leveling Made Easy instructional DVD” at one combined low price. Follow along as this DVD breaks down 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axes in relation to your sight bubble. You will learn the important concepts and how to correctly adjust your sight whether it is a tournament sight or a pins sight. Follow along and see how the top pros level their sights. Once you review the DVD use the “EASY THIRD AXIS LEVEL” to properly level your own sight. Whether you are on the range competing or in the field hunting, take the “Easy Third Axis Level” with you to check your sight level settings anytime.

Product Instructions

Easy Third Axis Level Moveable Instructions

Easy Third Axis Level Pins Instructions



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