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VersaRest™ Full Capture



Please refer to the Limb Clamp Size Guide below or in the product instructions to determine the correct size of limp clamp for your bow.

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Limb Clamp Size Guide

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The VersaRest maintains its versatility in that this one rest can still be configured as a limb actuated (top or bottom limb), cable actuate, fall away (cable, cable slide) or fixed blade AND now can be configured as a full containment hunting rest right out of the package.

The Full Capture VersaRest™ comes standard with both the Accu-Guide launcher and the Containment Launcher. Built like a Panzer tank, yet performs like a fine Swiss watch, the rest has been bowhunter proven from grizzly bear hunts in Alaska to the most pursued big game of them all…the whitetail deer.

The new containment bracket is made of 30% glass filled nylon material; the same material used in tactical weapons for the U.S. military. Tough as nails, the containment kit comes with a wide-blade containment launcher that picks up the arrow in every position. The “tonsil” side gate ensures for easy arrow side loading and accommodates all arrow sizes.

If that wasn’t enough, the full containment VersaRest is also offered with one of three limb clamp options to accommodate every solid and split limb configuration by every bow manufacturer.

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