Versa Level



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The Versa Level is an innovative, convenient, portable tool that was designed to be used in conjunction with the Versa Rest. It allows an archer or bow hunter to conveniently check & adjust the 1st/2nd axis relationship on their sight. By mounting the Versa Level to the back of the Versa Rest and going through a series of simple steps they can now set/adjust their 3rd axis sight setting at full draw accounting for the effects of the bows static to full draw shift that is unique to each individuals set up. For more information about sight leveling, check out our Sight Leveling Made Easy DVD.

*Sets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis sight settings with ease.
*Assess 3rd axis setting at full draw!
*Use in conjunction with the Versa Rest.
*Maximize up/downhill accuracy!
*Keep in your quiver or pack.



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