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The most consistent

I rely on my Hamskea leveling device from setting up my bow at the first of the year to any unexpected issues I come across on the tournament trail! It’s the easiest and most consistent I have ever used.

Logan Wilde

Professional Archer 2010 Arizona Cup Champion, 2010 FITA World Cup 3rd stage Champion, 2010 Texas Shootout Champion, 2010 Iowa Pro Am Champion, 2006 NFAA Marked 3-D Redding Champion

It was so easy

While setting my bow up for the Redding, CA tournament, I knew I needed to set my third axis at full draw. I acquired the Hamskea Archery Solution’s Easy Third Axis Level and after following the simple step by step instructions I had my bow dialed in at full draw in no time. It was so easy, a novice archer could do it!

Darrin Christenberry

Professional Archer, ASA World Champion, 2006 ASA Shooter of the Year

I trust the third axis level

When I need to know that my bow is hitting right behind the pin I trust the third axis level by Hamskea Archery Solutions to make sure that my sight is perfectly level. No matter what terrain I will encounter I will have the confidence knowing that I can trust my bubble

Duane Price

Professional Archer Vegas Champion, NFAA National Champion, NAA National Champion, World Cup Team Member and Bronze Medalist, 1st 30x at Vegas, 1st 600 at Atlantic City

The only level I will trust

I absolutely love the Easy Third Axis Level. It makes leveling the different axis’s so easy. Your bow is only as accurate as your sight settings and your sight settings can only be accurate if your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Axis is set correctly. The Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level is the only level I will trust for setting your 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis. Shoot them in the middle

Steve VanZile

New York State Archery Hall of Fame, Lead Instructor for Chapman Archery Dealer Tech Schools Pope & Young 14 different animals, PSE Pro Staff

The best leveling process

The Hamskea Easy Third Axis sight level is so easy to use in the pro shop adapting to any setup, also very compact for the field. Being able to set your axes anytime, anywhere gives me great piece of mind. It is the best leveling process on the market”

Andy Hargrove

Mathews ProStaff

Complete confidence

I recently drew a bighorn sheep tag in Colorado, my husband helped me level my sight using the EASY THIRD AXIS LEVEL from Hamskea Archery Solutions. When I settled my pins on the Boone & Crockett ram I had complete confidence knowing my equipment was set up right, My arrow found the center of the vitals after making a 62 yard 35 degree downhill shot.

Stacey Greathouse

Largest Rocky Mountain Bighorn harvested by a woman with a bow!

Easy Third Axis Level

I am very hard on my hunting bow, and my sight receives a lot of abuse. From dropping my bow 20′ from a tree stand to getting thrown out of its holder on my ATV. With my Hamskea Easy Third Axis Level I can double check my sight and readjust my sight in the field. I take my hunting time very serious, and with my Easy Third Axis Level in my pack I never miss a day due to equipment failure!

Shane Auman

The ultimate sight leveling system

Just a note to thank all the folks at Hamskea Archery Solutions for coming up with the ultimate sight leveling system, the Easy Third Axis Level. This system made it possible for me to make a difficult shot on a trophy bedded Mule Deer. The shot was at my maximum effective range coupled with a 75% downhill grade. If I had not leveled my 3rd axis properly I would have not been able to make the shot, The Hamskea Leveling System is the only system that allows you to level your sight properly. The results speak for themselves!

Dean Young

Young’s Archery

Anytime, Anywhere!

I use Hamskea Archery Solutions, Easy Third Axis Leveling process to fine tune my sight. I found the system simple to use and these corrections have helped me make a flawless shot in all shooting situations. I have complete confidence in this system knowing I can check my sight anytime, anywhere gives me piece of mind!

Chance Beaubouef

Professional Archer, 2009 World Indoor Champion 3 Time Las Vegas Champion

The results speak for themselves

In a few quick moments of using the Hamskea Easy Third Axis Level, I corrected an axis issue with my Axcel sight, giving me complete confidence in situations that require precise sight level attention! The results speak for themselves!

Levi Morgan

Professional Archer, 2010 NFAA Marked 3-D Redding Champion, 2010 IBO World Champion & IBO Shooter of the Year, 2010 ASA World Champion, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 Open pro ASA Shooter of the Year

You have a quality product!

We picked up one of your leveling systems in Las Vegas and just got a chance to actually use it in the field. As you noted during your demonstration, our uphill/downhill level was off by almost a full bubble as compared to our original static level settings. In fact, the second axis was also off a bit. This past Sunday we got a break and attended a marked 3D shoot. It was made just to see how our new settings held up to actual usage. The setup was very long targets (20 to 80 yds), ultra short (2 to 6 yds) shots, and extreme angles of up to 44 degrees. The shoot was most notable for the extreme angles both up and down. Well, to make it short, all our arrows held center throughout the shoot. You have a quality product there and it does work very well when setting up the level of any bowsight. By the way, I ended up second over-all and the wife was over-all for the women. Thanks.

Gary and Kathy Nakano

Mentone, CA

A must have for any serious archer!

I just received my 3rd axis level. I put it to the test on different bow-sights and bows from different manufactures! This is an absolute must have for any serious archer or bow-techie! Thank you, what a great product!

Cory Dyer

This company will go far!

I recently was one of the first customers to purchase the new Hamskea leveling device. After contacting Shawn again, he informed me that they had already made an improvement to the original design. He then informed me that they would be sending me two new levels to replace the ones that I had already purchased and that I could keep the original ones. With service like that, this company will go far. Anytime you put the interest of your customers first, you can only achieve success. Good luck in the future with Hamskea Archery Solutions, and thanks!

Rod Langdon

Liberty, IN

My Scores Have Improved!

I wanted to take the time to thank you again for the great product you provide serious archers and for the best, most informative seminar I have attended in years. As a result of the seminar and your sight leveling system, my scores have improved and I have been placing at the top of the shoots I have attended. Again, thanks for sharing information that everyone who shoots a bow should know. “I have been shooting competitive archery and hunting since I was twelve years old and as many archers will tell you, they spend money on equipment in order to buy points. In most cases it is not the equipment, but the archers form or lack of knowledge in the bow set up! Your Hamskea sight leveling system, along with the “third axis level,” is a must for anyone who uses a sight on their bow!” This is truly a piece of equipment that you can buy points with.” “I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend any of the seminars you provide on sight leveling because they will come away a more accurate shooter.” Again, thanks for a great seminar and a great product!

Jim Horn

A Great Product!

I recently purchased a Hamskea 3rd Axis Level which arrived today. I have been a firm believer in leveling my sights for both hunting and target/3-D for a few years now. But, like many, I struggled with torpedo levels and goodness knows what all other devices trying to make things work. The end result was basically only being able to level my sights statically. I never really could set the 3rd axis at full draw. (And we ALL know that no matter what the wannabe “pros” out there say, almost all bows torque to some degree at full draw regardless of what grip or shooting style is implemented.) After just 15 minutes with the Hamskea (5 of which was simply unpacking it) my C.J. Evolution 2 w/ Specialty Scope is dead on. (I had to double check because I didn’t believe it at first!) Thanks so much for a great product!

Jeremiah L. Ross

Owner | Hunting Resource