VersaRest Overview

Shawn Greathouse gives us a quick flyover on the many awesome features of the Hamskea Archery VersaRest.

Versa Rest Bottom Limb Actuated

Andrew goes through how to set up the Versa Rest for a Bottom Limb Actuated mode.

Versa Rest Top Limb Actuated

In this video Andrew will show how to set up your Versa Rest in the top limb actuated mode.

Versa Rest Cable Actuated

Andrew talks about how to set up the Versa Rest for the Cable Actuated Mode.

Versa Rest Contents, Mounting & Setting Center Shot

This Video shows what is included with your Versa Rest and discusses mounting the rest to your bow and adjusting the center shot.

Versa Rest Conventional Fall Away

In this video we discuss how to set your Versa Rest up in the Conventional fall away mode, and show the different options to configure the rest for your set up.

Versa Rest Fixed Blade

Andrew discusses how to set up the Versa Rest in the fixed blade mode.